Hassle-Free Farming

Our Story

Harvestify is a unified Multi-dimensional Platform for all your farming needs.

Harvestify was founded by a dynamic team of visionaries, born of a vision to transform Indian farming by providing hassle-free solutions to deliver high-quality supply solution, farming solution, high yield seeds, greenhouse management, urban gardening services, agri advisory and pest control.


At Harvestify we have mastered the service technique to deliver the high standard results. We’ve been facilitating the services of the farming solutions since 2017.

In the business of farming, we understand that one uniform solution doesn’t fit all. That’s why we custom design our framing/ supply solutions through an in-house team and we predict the best possible way to suit the unique challenges of that particular farm requirement. result? You enjoy high returns and quick turn around time. 

Vision, Mission and Values


To Transform Indian Farming and To Make Every Farm Profitable

  • Focused on Domain - Expertise

  • Definitive Scope - Farmer & Farm

  • Specific to Marketplace – Farming Needs


Innovative, High Growth & Farming Solution Company

  • Behaviour & Skill-Set – Innovative

  • Operations – We will Scale Both Horizontally & Vertically

  • Performance – We will Achieve Leadership in Our Financial Parameters


Harvestify Values Are What Our Team Values

  • High Performance

  • Context Awareness

  • Collectively Smart

  • Self-governed


A team of individuals spearheading innovation in providing farming solutions.

Dr. Thimmaiah M

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Mr. Umesh Babu K R

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Mr. Ashwath T

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Prof. Marulasidappa

We’re transforming Indian farming through intelligence and insight.

Harvestify is a word derived from the futuristic thought process of making farming process innovative where “Harvest” means “process or period of gathering in crops” and “ify” means “Innovation For You”.

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