Hay Farming

Farming solution

Hay farming by Harvestify is created to make it easy for landowners/ farmers to rent their farmland with confidence and to encourage expand operations responsibly. Farmland is more than a smart investment it’s a finite resource. And we care deeply about protecting it.

Hay farming Process:

Hay farming advantages

At Harvestify we take every step to assure you of the highest level of care deeply about protecting farm

  • Makes small scale farming competitive

  • Hay farming enables Small farmers to access new technology.

  • Reduces the transaction costs

  • The assured market for the produce at their doorsteps

  • Hay farming open up new markets which would otherwise be unavailable

  • Support and technical guidance

Why Hay farming?

Get paid in advance and In a matter of days. The future of managing farmland is here.



Produce suitable for Hay farming 

We’re transforming Indian farming through intelligence and insight.

Harvestify is a word derived from the futuristic thought process of making farming process innovative where “Harvest” means “process or period of gathering in crops” and “ify” means “Innovation For You”.

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